Visual notes and video

John Willshire’s video review of The Sketchnote Handbook is lovely in a number of ways:  It’s a good, thorough review of how it may be a useful book.  It shares some of the insights from the book – my favourite is how sketch-noting can create a “concentration forcefield” for the note-taker… It’s a nice format…… Continue reading Visual notes and video

Short blog post tips from @adders

Adam's response to my response as it were, has two super-practical principles for getting short blog posts written: Connect the thought “that's interesting” with the action of writing the blog post as closely as you can. Don't leave tabs mouldering in your browser, don't leave draft posts in your drafts folder. Get it done, and…… Continue reading Short blog post tips from @adders

Blogs become mainstream media

In the hype-sphere the chatter is all about Foursquare and Facebook: blogging doesn’t get much of a mention. While I still prize blogging as a form of personal media and a networked productivity and knowledge tool, its clear to see that blogs as a media format are mature and in the mainstream. Two posts I…… Continue reading Blogs become mainstream media

Online media: Finding balance between stock & flow

I’m grateful to Lloyd Shepherd for the point to a post by Robin Sloan called Stock & Flow. Recalling studying for his degree in economics, Robin recalls: There are two kinds of quantities in the world. Stock is a sta­tic value: money in the bank, or trees in the for est. Flow is a rate…… Continue reading Online media: Finding balance between stock & flow

R is for reac to Ryanair blog dissing

While Phil Buxton reminds us that kicking bloggers can harm your search engine results, Boing Boing points us to another consequence of disregard of abusing your customers online… People on b3ta deploying their creative skills to mock you…. ouch.

Reminder: you’re always (potentially) on the record online

It pays to be a little paranoid about emails, IMs and the likes sometimes – about not saying things in them you wouldn’t like repeated elsewhere. Especially when it comes to matters professional and commercial… When Adam Tinworth voiced his anger at the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and its attitude to social media in…… Continue reading Reminder: you’re always (potentially) on the record online

HP’s social media tales

Online Marketing Blog’s interview with Tac Anderson, who combines heading up social media at HP with being “entrepreneur in residence” at a VC firm (an interesting job combination, if ever there was one), is well worth a read. As m’learned colleague Alisa Hansen never tires of reminding the world, social media as a term has…… Continue reading HP’s social media tales