About me

Hello. I write here and in other places. This blog is a public notebook: sometimes articles, but more often notes, sketches and things in progress.

To get in touch there’s a form here, or you can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Antony Mayfield is CEO and co-founder of Brilliant Noise, a digital agency-consultancy hybrid for global brands including Asahi, Barilla, EDF, Universal Pictures and Visa Europe.

He also serves as the Chair at Lighthouse, an arts charity specialising in connecting new developments in art, technology, science and society. He writes and speaks regularly on leadership, strategy and citizenship in the digital age.

In 2006 he founded the content and social media teams at Spannerworks/iCrossing, which became the largest independent digital marketing firm in the world, before being sold to Hearst Media in 2010. Prior to iCrossing, Antony spent a decade in journalism and corporate communications, most recently as a director in the Bell Pottinger Group. 

He is the author of a best-selling book on how to manage personal reputation online, Me and My Web Shadow, which has been published in several countries by A&C Black/Bloomsbury. He has also written a number of e-books, the most well-known of which, What is Social Media? has been downloaded tens of thousands of times, placed on reading lists for top business schools and translated into Chinese.

Antony has lectured on digital media, culture and business strategy for students and faculty at academic institutions including Imperial College, Warwick Business School, Cardiff University School of Journalism, Wake Forest University and the University of Sussex.