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People’s News: social media and newsgathering in 2008

From Mumbai to Steve Jobs - 2008's news
From Mumbai to Steve Jobs - social media played a role in the way news was reported in 2008

The staff of NowPublic, the “particpatory news network” as it describes itself, has picked a list of the top 10 stories from 2008 in which social media played a role.

2008’s Top 10 Moments in User-Generated News

1.    Mumbai attacks
2.    Natural disasters: Emergency info
3.    SF Olympic torch relay protests
4.    Obama and “Bittergate”
5.    Protests at Republican Convention
6.    Ushahidi: Crowdsourcing crisis info
7.    CNN’s news wire plans
8.    Mob rule: Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW
9.    Twitter gets student out of Egypt jail
10.  Fake report on Steve Jobs heart attack

As NowPublic’s Rachel Nixon puts it on their blog:

The relationship between producers and consumers of news is changing. What used to be known as “the story” is evolving into something different: fragments of information that don’t come pre-assembled or filtered. With such a rich array of information from so many different sources, it can be confusing without the mechanisms to make sense of it all. We’re in it together to make sense of the story.

Alfred Hermida at says of the list:

Top […] are the Mumbai attacks, a tragic event that demonstrated the value of raw and unfiltered information. It ends with the false report on Steve Jobs heart attack, a salutary tale of the perils of not checking this raw information.

Journalists and the public alike are learning fast about how to get information in raw and filtered forms. Looking forward to seeing how the relationships and processes around gathering and making sense of news evolve in 2009.

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Cool corporate themes for WordPress


With a new WordPress blog up and running themes are very much front of mind and I loved tis post from Blogessive with 20 Free Corporate WordPress themes – perfect if you’re planning a professional or corporate blog of your own.

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Butching out the credit crunch – with some help from social media

In terms of useful tips and advice, although I’m not a freelance journalist I found Fiona Cullinan’s post Freelancing in a Recession interesting on a couple of counts.

First, she reflects a change in the demands of the market away from her sub-editing skills to a more diverse range of content creation and blog-related editorial.

Second, it was great to hear about the very positive impact that first blogging and then Twitter had had on her ability to pull in work. Blogging’s a direct-to-market micro-business for her, while her personal blog and Twittering helps her maintain and grow her professional network.

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Jeffrey Archer’s blog

YouTube’s Geriatric1927 isn’t the only British pensioner trying his luck in social media, now a certain disgraced former British politician is trying is luck…

Jackie Danicki’s right: Jeffrey Archer‘s blog is brilliant. Best thing he’s written in ages…

: : Interestingly, Jeffrey’s not on The Sun’s pay-per-click radar… must be a relief…