Scrivener was created out of authorly procrastination


Scrivener is the tool I wish I’d used to write Me and My Web Shadow, and it is almost certainly the tool I’ll use to write my next book (it’s already lightened the load on creating some e-books for clients over the last year).

If you don’t know it, Scrivener is a kind of heavy-lifting manuscript editor, a Photoshop of the written word.

Anyway, this video interview with its creator, Keith Blount, made me smile when he admits that Scrivener was created as a result of his not being able to find a writing tool that did what he wanted when trying to write a novel.

Since the tool of his dreams didn’t exist, he taught himself to code and then created Scrivener. It was, he admits, “the ultimate procrastination”.

Anyone who has found themselves looking at software instead of getting on with a project will sympathise. I recall Graham Linehan at The Story talking about playing with new software as a major form of procrastination for him.

: : The interview was on – found via the Scrivener blog.

3 responses to “Scrivener was created out of authorly procrastination”

  1. Antony … thanks for link to me interview with Keith. It was a lot of fun, and funnily enough I think we may have met on even been on a panel at a social media event at the RSA run by NMK, but I maybe wrong. Cheers Justin

  2. Cheers, Justin – nice to virtually meet you. Definitely been on an NMK panel – but not sure about RSA :) 

  3. Think Hugh ‘Gaping Void’ MacLeod’ was also on panel. But could have met at Ivan Pope’s widget event in Brighton … my memory isn’t what it used to me. Must be the sea air ;-)

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