Out of the trough of waffle: Interest graphs and social business

Image: a ray of meaning breaking through the cloud layer of neologisms :)

Social business and the interest graph are both really important subjects, useful phrases, ones which may deserve to last. I realise though that I’ve been filtering them out of late, basically because they began to bore me.

Blame it on my being a neophile – too ready to move on to the next idea – or just a realist when it comes to neologisms: most of them won’t last, won’t leave much in the way of meaning or memory – gameify, phygital, blahblahnomics – so best not get attached, not to invest too much.

We have now passed through the trough of waffle with social business and interest graphs. They have stuck.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a mound of waffle or digital churnalism being hacked out on them, just that meaning seems to have attached to both, they have taken somehow, and interesting things are being written about both.

In an “ideas stand up” session in a Hoxton basement the other day I blurted out as much on stage. Social business had been in danger of being overused beyond the point of usefulness”, butthere is a useful point to it in my line of work: it describes the value, the discussion and the action in social media projects – they happen just adjacent to to marketing functions, in the bits where comms connects with rest of the organisation.

So, I like this from David Armano on social business: Social business: where it’s been and where it’s going

And the interest graph? Well that’s becoming very, very important indeed, isn’t it?

On that subject, I like this on the interest graph from Patricia McDonald at The Social Practice: The interest graph is the future of social commerce.

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