Work is the signal

I like this Tweet: “Work Is the Signal, Email Is the Noise”–@Wired — Erick Schonfeld (@erickschonfeld) January 22, 2014 Reminds me of Caroline Webb’s saying that “email is procrastination in disguise”. Sure, email is a vital tool. Yes, it is a powerful communication platform and sometime the  most  important thing to do is send an email.…… Continue reading Work is the signal


“Why you can never finish anything and how to finally change it” is the un-unclickable headline on a Fast Company article I saw today. You would not believe the lengths I go to to try and get things finished. Sometimes the pain of not finishing and still not getting on with it doubles me up…… Continue reading Finishedness

Scrivener was created out of authorly procrastination

Scrivener is the tool I wish I’d used to write Me and My Web Shadow, and it is almost certainly the tool I’ll use to write my next book (it’s already lightened the load on creating some e-books for clients over the last year). If you don’t know it, Scrivener is a kind of heavy-lifting…… Continue reading Scrivener was created out of authorly procrastination