The all-new Brilliant Noise

It was a big week for me, with my business Brilliant Noise entering a new and very different phase.

I’ve been joined by two amazing partners – Maddy Wood and Jason Ryan – who have become equal partners in what I can’t help thinking of as the new Brilliant Noise.

For the past year, Brilliant Noise has been in discovery mode. We’ve done everything from pitching pilots of TV shows to coaching senior executives. There was a TEDx Talk, there was some fantastic work with the planning guys at AKQA, there were lectures to Exec MBAs, and the last few months have featured a really cool social media strategy project with Nokia and the geniuses at Blast Radius. Fun, fun and fun…

While there were broad themes that connected all of the work, it was open, loosely-coupled stuff. Divergent, as the IDEO chaps like to call it. Well, after divergence comes convergence, focus and direction.

We are laying out our stall as a digital strategy agency. What that means is clear, where it will take us, is less clear.

On the week that Brilliant Noise is starting the cover of UK edition of The Economist’s headline is Into the Storm…

We’re launching this business into uncertain times. That’s a polite way of putting it.

I should probably feel more nervous than I do. But all I feel is excitement – there’s no doubting it will be tough out there, but there’s nowhere I would rather be in my career right now, than facing it with with the team that’s now ready to make Brilliant Noise into something amazing.

Do take a look at the new website if you have a moment, and let me know what you think. The positioning, perspective and services will doubtless evolve in the coming months, but I’m really excited about the direction in which we’re headed.

7 responses to “The all-new Brilliant Noise”

  1. Best of luck to you guys.

    And I suspect you’re excited because you know that many of us find turbulent times to be the most interesting ones… ;-)

  2. That’s very true – disruption and flux are our friends! 

  3. And now I have an idea for a blog post… ;-)

  4. Congrats Antony – sounds brilliant and I wish you all success with the new venture

  5. Good luck to you all with the new look Brilliant Noise, but I doubt luck will have much to do with what I’m sure will be a hugely successful venture. You have a talented team and a rare focus that will surely drive you on to achieve great things.

  6. Cheers, Neil – much appreciated!

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