Week notes and some not-so-weak links

So here are some links and notes from my week


It’s a few weeks to go until the new website goes live for Brilliant Noise (see a preview in the brand treatment from Endless), and I’m thinking one of the things I may well do is have weeknotes. It’s a simple idea which I cam across via Robin Sloan. Companies like Berg share some thoughts about their week every Friday. (more…)

Media needs its architects

At the Edinburgh International TV Festival last month, Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, told delegates to “ignore Lord Sugar” and bring more engineers, more science, into the TV industry. This was essential, he argued, if they wanted to break the pattern of UK innovating things that would be scaled up into global businesses elsewhere.

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Discovery engines


Image: Getting discovery engines to work is an uphill struggle…

Discovery engines are, as Farhad Manjoo for Fastcompany has it…

the word du jour in tech


the search engine’s smart-ass cousin that tries to answer vague queries (like “funny video”–one of the top searches on YouTube).

…the discovery engine remains a mythical beast. Today’s personalization tools are built on several faulty premises. There’s still too much presuming that we want a steady diet of what we just consumed. Just because you clicked on one post of Sarah Palin reinterpreting history doesn’t mean you want to hear all she has to say.

Another is that we’re interested in everything that our friends are. (I like my friends despite their inexplicable devotion to Mad Men.) (more…)

Some beginners’ guides to Twitter


* * Updated * *

At the Brighton Digital Festival talk on online reputation for artists I did the other evening, I was asked to post some beginners’ guides to Twitter (thanks to Helen Wilshaw for the reminder).

Naturally there is a pretty good one in Me and My Web Shadow, but there’s no shortage of free good advice out there online… (more…)

Brilliant Noise brand work, by Endless

Over the summer the amazing design team at Endless have been working on developing a new brand look and feel for Brilliant Noise.

Over the past year, I’ve muddled by with just a wonderful font, but with things beginning to grow at Brilliant Noise, I thought it was time to get a proper brand in place.

Colin and Ben left the main logotype much as it was, apart from doing some designer-ly tidying and cleaning up. They then developed a series of abstract-like shapes from the gaps between the letters of the name. Like this…

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Online reputation management for artists – notes and slides from talk at Brighton Digital Festival

These are the notes and my presentation slides that will kick things off at this evening’s discussion evening at the Fabrica gallery in Brighton. This is the first in a series of events called Brave New World – A New Arts Landscape. is part of the Brighton Digital Festival, which continues until September 24th.