Week notes and some not-so-weak links

So here are some links and notes from my week


It’s a few weeks to go until the new website goes live for Brilliant Noise (see a preview in the brand treatment from Endless), and I’m thinking one of the things I may well do is have weeknotes. It’s a simple idea which I cam across via Robin Sloan. Companies like Berg share some thoughts about their week every Friday.

Worknotes: attention patterns

Now the idea is echoed in an post from Matt Locke: he calls it worknotes, as he’s not quite prepared to give us weekly updates yet. I ended the week with a really interesting chat about his current projects, which are a fascinating charades category collection of film/book/TV show projects. Matt’s got some really insightful ideas about how attention works – you can catch a flavour of them in his worknotes post

Serendipity and your career

Last week’s Economist had some articles about the way that work is changing. They got me thinking this week, not least John Hagel being quoted once again about the power of Twitter as a serendipity engine, especially for the growing movement of independent knowledge workers.

Actually the article put it another way, talking of the network of peers that Twittter lets you maintain as a…

…“big-ideas crowd” who can keep them mentally fresh. This echoes the discussion of “managed serendipity” in last year’s business bestseller, “The Power of Pull”, in which John Hagel and John Seely Brown argued that the successful worker of the future will live in clusters of talented, open-minded people and spend a lot of time going to thought-provoking conferences. Third, they need a “regenerative community” to maintain their emotional capital, meaning family and friends in the real world “with whom you laugh, share a meal, tell stories and relax”.

There’s a lot more in that article and also the Got Talent? article from the same special report that is really interesting.

Three wonderful videos…

A time-lapse of the Likeminds meeting in Brighton I missed as I had to head up to London. I really love Likeminds, so even though I wasn’t there it gives me a little thrill to watch the precedings…

Welcome to the moon from Curtis James on Vimeo.

And some beautiful dancing, via Jenny Reina of Hunter Gather – who I know through Likeminds – so it all ties together nicely…


I managed to take half an hour to sneak round the corner from the Brilliant Noise offices to check out the Semiconductor exhibition at the Phoenix gallery. Part of the Brighton Digital Festival, it’s free to get in, so do yourself a favour if you’re in Brighton and take a look… This clip is from Heliocentric, which I was deeply entranced by… It’s a series of time-lapse videos of a camera following the arc of the sun across the sky…

Heliocentric from Semiconductor on Vimeo.



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