Some beginners’ guides to Twitter


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At the Brighton Digital Festival talk on online reputation for artists I did the other evening, I was asked to post some beginners’ guides to Twitter (thanks to Helen Wilshaw for the reminder).

Naturally there is a pretty good one in Me and My Web Shadow, but there’s no shortage of free good advice out there online…

Here are a few I like the look of:


And, showing far Twitter use has spread, the DeBrett’s social networking etiquette guide has a nice way of putting things (via Harry Wallop in The Telegraph:

Do not overload the Facebook home page feed with countless status updates. Be sure that your posts are written to enlighten others, and not used as an exercise in vanity.

Well, quite!

Twitter image (cc) Svartling

2 responses to “Some beginners’ guides to Twitter”

  1. Hi Antony
    By coincidence I’ve just produced a guide specifically for people who have get their toes wet with Twitter but don’t understand what the fuss is all about.
    Whether they work for a charity or a business it seems to me that there is a huge wave of people who have set up a Twittter account but not slotted it into their daily routine. I usually find that it’s because they are worried about what to say and haven’t realised that it’s all about listening.
    It’s a brief-ish four-pager available as a free download on my site – I’d love to know what you think of it

  2. Thanks, Mark – will check it out!

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