SuperSkills talk at TEDxBrighton

The video of my SuperSkills talk a couple of weeks ago is up on the TEDx Brighton site and YouTube now.

The SuperSkills idea was one which I was airing for the first time, and am continuing to work on. The notes and links are all in the post – TEDx Brighton notes on my talk – I put up on the day. If you have any feedback at all I’d be immensely grateful…

And just so you can see what the slides are like with the fonts in beautiful Gotham – here they are again…

TEDx Brighton: SuperSkills View more presentations from Antony Mayfield.

I loved the experience and the opportunity to try out my idea. Thanks so much to Tom Bailey and his team who put the event on for next to nothing.
You can see the other TEDx Brighton 2011 presentations ont he TEDx Brighton website – I’m looking forward to watching many of them myself, there was some seriously interesting stuff there.

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  2. Excellent stuff. Given the material about distraction, I love the irony of the SlideShare presentation popping up a lead generation form in the middle of the deck!

  3. […] footage appears below, but I also encourage you to view Antony’s post which provides much more context and useful links to his notes, slides and more TEDxBrighton […]

  4. Thanks, Niall. Yes that lead thing in SlideShare is annoying, isn’t it… Thanks for the nudge, after a couple of minutes rooting around the settings I’ve found out how to disable it.

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