Believing in the impossible – Kevin Kelly talk

There’s always something – usually many things – that I find interesting in a talk from Kevin Kelly. In this talk at LinuxCon he is in “thinking big” mode, placing the evolution of technology within the context of human history and the story of the whole planet – his model of the technium, seeing all…… Continue reading Believing in the impossible – Kevin Kelly talk

Visual notes and video

John Willshire’s video review of The Sketchnote Handbook is lovely in a number of ways:  It’s a good, thorough review of how it may be a useful book.  It shares some of the insights from the book – my favourite is how sketch-noting can create a “concentration forcefield” for the note-taker… It’s a nice format…… Continue reading Visual notes and video

Algorithm’s eye view

Crazy looking “street view” video made of satellite images, by charlie Behrens here….    Algorithmic Architecture from Charlie Behrens on Vimeo. Buildings and cities are being changed by algorithms, is its jumping off point. This short film is intended to encourage a creative audience to seek out Kevin Slavin’s talk Those Algorithms Which Govern Our…… Continue reading Algorithm’s eye view

SuperSkills talk at TEDxBrighton

The video of my SuperSkills talk a couple of weeks ago is up on the TEDx Brighton site and YouTube now. The SuperSkills idea was one which I was airing for the first time, and am continuing to work on. The notes and links are all in the post – TEDx Brighton notes on my…… Continue reading SuperSkills talk at TEDxBrighton

Typograhic history of the City of London

I’m posting a lot of videos recently. Maybe I should be setting up a Tumblr blog for this sort of thing. Maybe not. Anyway, this is a gem: combining three of my interests: typography, London and history, it’s a short film by Michael Bokkowski at Linefeed: A Typographic Survey of the City of London from…… Continue reading Typograhic history of the City of London

How we blew up the economy

Thinking about banking, finance, the web and innovation in general at the moment and came across this rather fine explanatioin of the credit crisis from Jonathan Jarvis, an artist. If you’ve got ten minutes and want for once and for all to understand how we got into this mess, then have a watch… The Crisis…… Continue reading How we blew up the economy

Edge of a riot: Social media, balance and truth in the news

When I was a student in 1994 I was on the front cover of The Indpendent the morning after a riot outside the Houses of Parliament. The image was of a grimacing, dreadlocked fellow’s grimacing face lunging over the line of police shields. (No, that wasn’t me…) The picture spoke a thousand words. It told…… Continue reading Edge of a riot: Social media, balance and truth in the news