“True opportunity appears at the market bottom…”

Image: Pollyanna - a mascot for optimism apologists everywhere
Image: Pollyanna – a mascot for optimism apologists everywhere

It’s funny how, like me, people have to caveat finding things to be optimistic about in 2009 with phrases like “I’m not being Pollyanna-ish”.

Saying that the Great Disruption may bring good, or at least a lot of opportunities for good things to start, and somehow you feel it’s 1997 and you’re explaining to a roomful of disapproval that no you don’t feel the need to offer a floral tribute or stay in and watch Diana’s funeral procession.

Yet here’s a VC (Peter Rip) saying some sensible things about the downturn:

As the fire continues to rage in financial markets, it is hard to imagine when Opportunity will reappear. But the truth is when everyone sees Opportunity; they are only seeing the reflection.  True Opportunity appears at the market bottom, not at the top.   It’s times like these that test what you believe in, and I believe in the Business Cycle, Human Creativity, and the stimulative effect of massive Government spending. 2009 and 2010 will be great times to invest to reap the benefits in 2012-2014, for those who can judge both business risk and liquidity risk, and have the courage of their convictions.

Via Doc Searls / Tim O’Reilly

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