Rip it up and grow some

Two posts in me feeds first thing today chime with my rant/ramble yesterday…

Mark Earls is feeling feisty about 2009 and the potential for massive postive disruptions as he makes plain in The year that everything changes:

Let’s test our ideas and practices against the simple measure: is this just the old map re-written? is it just “evolved”? Changed a little in form but not in substance?

I commented that it put me in mind of advice to journlism students from Suzanne Yada (a journalism student herself) that I’d just read on Buzzmachine:

Grow some cojones. Let me level with you. The world doesn’t need more music reviewers or opinion spouters. The world needs more people willing to ask tough questions.

Ask tough questions. Rip up the old rules. Grow some balls.  Change everything.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Can you believe I was almost going to edit out the word cojones? What a wimp I would have been! HA! :)

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