Subverting very old logos

As logos go, they don’t come much older than the Ichthys fish symbol which early Christians used as a indentifying symbol when they were keeping things underground.

The other day I saw a rationalist / evolutionary version on the back of a car in Brighton – the same fish symbol but with legs and the word “Darwin” in it.

A quick Google revealed that that “Darwin Fish” are available in lapel pins and bumper stickers and seem to be part of the “out and proud” atheist movement championed by Richard Dawkin in his best-selling “The God Delusion” book. One website noted that it was a non-prophet organisation – very droll.

It’s one thing to see post-Enlightenment rationalism making public displays and provoking debate, but I wonder what iconography and branding the movement has that is its own rather relying than a subversion of its opponents?

The Darwin shop offers a DNA logo as one alternative, seen here as a tie-pin…

And the “Pastafarians'” deliberately-fake-religion’s deity the flying spaghetti monster as another…


Wit aside, it doesn’t feel like the greatest minds in branding have given this much thought.

Anybody got any ideas about what else could be used?

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