Online overshare: the personal rep pitfalls

What if everything you had ever written down still existed, in plain view for everyone to see. Not just the off-day essays and excuse letters. The teenage diary entries, the love letters, the guileless ambition lists and paeans to rock-stars.

You know what’s coming next. For the young today that’s the reality.

For an early victim of "overshare" have a read of this story from BusinessWeek. It opens with a poor guy who late one night held forth online about his worst ever experience with drugs. Unfortunately the story was picked up by a high traffic site and now…

…"drug dump" still ranks No. 7 out of a total 92,600 Google hits that
come up when you type in Santangelo’s name. He says with a half-laugh
that so far "it hasn’t hurt me too bad," but he fears for the
MySpacing, YouTubing, Facebooking masses — the bloggers and vloggers
(video bloggers) who fail to realize that there is no such thing as an
eraser on the Internet. "I see people do that sort of thing now, and I
think: ‘Oh man, that could come back and bite you."’

Too right. When were we all going to start that campaign for personal reputation management to be taught in schools?

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By Antony Mayfield

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