Three pods on a ‘cast

The UK newspaper
arms race over social media continues…

on the heels of the mysun announcement, the latest weapon in the arsenal of
weapons of mass customised communications is being rolled out by theSun’s sister title, the Times, in the shape of a ten-part World Cup
podcast by Frank Skinner and David Baddiel.

fact that ITV no longer wanted the pair is glossed over in their press release, but its good news for the Times, which will
certainly have a brief from the top to get social media projects rolling.

competition and innovation is gathering pace at its rivals.

deal was negotiated by Avalon Entertainment,
an artist management company. Doubtless Avalon will be looking at podcast deals
for other of its clients that don’t want or can’t get broadcast deals. Looks
like podcasts could provide a whole new kind of income for its celebs…

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