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Content won’t be king, Greg – the viewer will
Content won’t be king, Greg – the viewer will

Content won’t be king, Greg – the viewer will

I promised a sumary of analyses of BT vs. BSkyB vs. all-comers, but there’s not been much out there to comment on, at least in the mainstream media.

One commentary is worth a look and is certainly worth some comment – Greg Dyke‘s take on the situation in The Indpendent’s media section on Monday (here).

It’s a bit rambling, but after introducing his readers to the "triple play" craze sweeping the states he brings back into play the old "content is king" maxim.

I think that this logic is as beguiling and misleading as thinking that the best technology / delivery channel will win.

In the on-demand, internet-powered TV universe, the customer will be king (or viewer, whatever).

And that’s not just an empty phrase. When you can watch what you want, when you want, your viewing habits change. How you view TV and your relationship with channel brands changes.

When you can turn on the box and genuinely can watch not just what’s been on on in the last week, but that’s ever been made for watching, as is the possibility with IPTV.

I’ll still back Sky still for the moment to come up with a winning service and the ability to own the customer relationship (full disclosure: no I’m not working for them, nor to my knowledge are any of my colleagues)…

Sky or some kind of new player, coming from nowhere, from the Web, like Google did to dominate our internet experience.