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Where will we the web be in four years


On the day Barack Obama was elected in the 2008, 1.8 million Tweets were posted. In 2012 that many Tweets were posted in the last 8 minutes or so [source].

The change is still unfolding, the revolution continues. We haven’t arrived yet. 

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The future will be stranger than you think…

Looking back at predictions that seem to have been far of the mark is diverting entertainment.

Take these French visualisations of what like would be like in the 21st century




Heath-Robinson flying machines… Sky cops! Crazy! how wrong they were…

Oh wait – here’s the world’s first electric-powered multi-copter flight in Germany…

So ten years from now we’ll be hovering to work surrounded by a small cloud of drones recording the experiencing it, Tweeting it and jamming the electronic recording and snooping devices of others… or something.

Alan Patrick has some more serious observations about the “internet of flying things” etc. over on his blog.