Where will we the web be in four years


On the day Barack Obama was elected in the 2008, 1.8 million Tweets were posted. In 2012 that many Tweets were posted in the last 8 minutes or so [source].

The change is still unfolding, the revolution continues. We haven’t arrived yet. 

Someone said to me yesterday that they didn’t know what their job would be in four or five years time, because all of their jobs so far in their career hadn’t existed five years previously. They expected that to be the case for at least the next chapter of their career – and in digital media especially, I think that’s a wise perspective.

On reflection, I can say the same thing about my business. We will most likely be called a digital agency – but what that means in 2008 hasn’t happened yet.

Where the web will be by the time the next Olympic Games rolls round, we don’t know. Maybe we could invoke the spirit of the motto of the games: Citius, Altius, Fortius – Higher, Faster, Stronger.

I’m tempted to replace “stronger” with “stranger”, though. Look at science fiction author Bruce Sterling’s blog posts about the future based on the weird clues about it to be found in the present.

Predictions are pointless as anything other than a thought experiment. That is, they are useful to stretch the imagination and open you up to the strangeness of the possibilities – the scale of possible change.

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