What am I up to?

You’re overdue an explanation, so here it is… These are interesting times – in a good sense – for me, as I close the chapter where I was employed at iCrossing, and indeed the the section of the book – to extend the metaphor – where I have been employed by others. That’s right I…… Continue reading What am I up to?

Blogs become mainstream media

In the hype-sphere the chatter is all about Foursquare and Facebook: blogging doesn’t get much of a mention. While I still prize blogging as a form of personal media and a networked productivity and knowledge tool, its clear to see that blogs as a media format are mature and in the mainstream. Two posts I…… Continue reading Blogs become mainstream media

Content & Social – what we learned at iCrossing: slides and notes from the International Content Summit

I had a great time yesterday presenting at the first International Content Summit 2010, although I wish I could have spoken for longer as I had more to say than the fifteen minutes that were available. The brief was to talk about how to use social media with content. I prepared by speaking with some…… Continue reading Content & Social – what we learned at iCrossing: slides and notes from the International Content Summit

Curation-led marketing?

Quite pleased with a post about curating branded content I just put up on the iCrossing Connect blog, mainly because it draws together some thinking from a while back with a couple of practical examples of how people use search and social to curate content. Curation’s more than optimisation, more than simply making the most…… Continue reading Curation-led marketing?

Search and social thoughts…

I’ve posted a summary on the iCrossing Connect blog about some things I’ve been thinking about to do with search and social media as being the twin lenses through which you can best *see* the web. Take a look and let me know what you think over there, if you’re interested… all thoughts are very…… Continue reading Search and social thoughts…

Google SearchWiki: brands need to watch & listen

    SearchWiki results and comments for a search on   * Updated *  There are two complementary evolutionary paths for SearchWiki: that taken by the Google engineers and the one cut by users. The comments / conversations may be poor quality at the moment, but who is to say how people will find ways to…… Continue reading Google SearchWiki: brands need to watch & listen