Another writing app

Stephen Fry once said, I’ve never seen a smartphone I haven’t bought. My vice is writing apps. Actually it’s all writing technologies – I’m the same about notebooks, pens, typewriters, pencils, writing slopes, dictionaries and style guides. Always have been – but apps most of all, because it is on screens that most of my writing…… Continue reading Another writing app

Blogging on Ghost

So after failing completely to set up a Ghost blog on a server (not very technical, me) the hosted version is now available. Hurrah! I’ve tried it out and set up a blog. It will be about running and will hopefully let me try out the platform and spare readers of this one endless details…… Continue reading Blogging on Ghost

A useful IFTTT recipe for blogging

A really useful piece of advice from Adam Tinworth about blogging is this: bring the inspiration or desire to blog as close as possible to actually blogging. This sounds obvious, but over time all sorts of tools and steps in the process can get added. Consequently, I have an Evernote notebook full of links to…… Continue reading A useful IFTTT recipe for blogging

Maria Popova and life as “a reader who writes”

When I look at Maria Popova and her work on Brainpickings, I feel admiration, inspiration and a little jealousy. She takes something that is important to me – blogging, writing and the collecting of fascinating things – to a logical extreme, making a profession of it. She’s made a life and living out of sharing…… Continue reading Maria Popova and life as “a reader who writes”

Short blog post tips from @adders

Adam's response to my response as it were, has two super-practical principles for getting short blog posts written: Connect the thought “that's interesting” with the action of writing the blog post as closely as you can. Don't leave tabs mouldering in your browser, don't leave draft posts in your drafts folder. Get it done, and…… Continue reading Short blog post tips from @adders

This blog

One slightly unexpected but pleasant surprise for me in the launch of the new Brilliant Noise was how energising I found it to have the new website and its blog go live. Developed with craft and care by Endless and Brighton’s patron-saint-of-Wordpress David Lockie, the site looks and feels right. But it’s what’s to come…… Continue reading This blog

Normal service will return in the Autumn

OK, I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been an odd month or so, and may stay odd for some time. It’s been hard enough blogging more or less holding down a full-time-plus-any-other-waking-time-you-might-have-lying-around job. Not to mention my family and a new addiction to mountain biking. But most of all, I’m the final phase of finishing…… Continue reading Normal service will return in the Autumn