Having a vision when you can’t see where you’re going

Buzzfeed’s a company I follow as closely as I can – for a couple of reasons. It’s understood content and the Web better than any other media organisation (“sharing is distribution ”) and also it is constantly having to reinvent itself as the Web evolves.

On Friday, CEO Jonas Perretti publicly posted a letter to his company:

During the explosive growth of the past year, it’s been easy to lose sight of the big picture. We don’t have an existing model to copy, because we are building something that has never existed before and wasn’t even possible before social networks and smartphones became the primary way people consume news and entertainment around the world.

The post goes on to calibrate the company’s vision as a “cross-platform global network” for media. That Buzzfeed’s vision and identity changes over time is a strength – more than many CEOs Perretti acknowledges uncertainty about their destination and the route they’ll take.