Trying out the Logitech iPad Mini keyboard

I really liked the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard for the full size iPad (which I blogged about previously), so I thought that investing in the mini version would be a good idea, now that I am utterly devoted to my iPad Mini as a reading and note-taking device.



Image: The hands of a giant! 

It takes a little getting used to, to say the least, as the keyboard is definitely more compact. At first, I felt like I had regressed several decades as a typist and needed to spend 70% of my time looking at the keys to make sure I was hitting the right ones. How useful this accessory is depends on how quickly one adapts to mini-typing…



Image: The ultrathin keyboard beside a full-size Apple Wireless keyboard.

However, for me, the switch-over progressed quickly, paragraph by paragraph, and the thing makes the iPad into the cutest little computing device I’ve seen since that late-90s Cambrian explosion of devices when Windows CE launched (my favourite was the tiny, laptop version of the HP Jornada series and apparently part of my gadget-loving soul is constantly seeking out a replacement for that lost writing machine. Because writing device was what it was, more than a decade before MacBook Airs and their ilk – a slim, light, long-battery life writing machine.

ZZ2CF2A036Image: A 1990s HP Jornada, the Windows CE device I still have a geeky soft spot for… 


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  1. It’s not so much the problem of adapting to a different keyboard, it’s switching between two different ones (main PC and tablet) which I fear. On the other hand, having a totally different keyboard might help ! I consider that key of accessories for my smartphone.

  2. Hi! Your text is very inspiring for someone who is thinking about choosing between the logitech keyboard or the apple bluetooth one. What I liked the most was the picture in which you show both, since I´ve been wondering about how different they were in terms of size. I have one question for you! It seems for me that the logitech keyboard, since it works as a cover, might damage the iPad screen. What is your experience about that?

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