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Twin trends: Discovery and Visual Social

These days, everyone wants to look like Pinterest, it seems:

Being charitable, you might wave away cynics muttering about “sad me-toos” and insist that this is a sensible and legitimate tapping into the twin trends of discovery and visual social…

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Recent Brilliant Things


Image: A brilliant headline you may have missed… 

Remiss of me, I know, but I’ve been posting at Brilliant Noise without linking here. 

So, here are three things I just have to post here too: 

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Working out workflows

Right now there’s a couple of workflow projects I’m tinkering with, in the hope of not just getting more done, but more of what I want done.

Leaving the the laptop at home

I haven’t managed to do it yet, but this is about trying to use my iPad as a laptop replacement. My backpack is ridiculously heavy, and while it is a small triumph of The North Face baggage engineering the temptation is always to fill all of the useful little pockets so that I am never without everything I might possibly need to establish a mobile office. Travelling light is definitely not my style.

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Google channels content strategy

This post is by way of a test for Blogsy – the iPad blog editor app… bear with me…

Matt Locke on “Is YouTube a TV channel?”:

There are so many competing strategies on Youtube right now that comparisons like this are not hugely revealing, but there do seem to be three kinds of channels emerging:

  • Talent-led channels – broadly music based, views driven by organic search, very few uploads
  • Broadcast-led channels – linked to existing TV shows/channels, lots of uploads, (mainly clips), views largely driven by organic search, but few subscribers
  • Youtube-native channels – lots of subscribers, lots of uploads, most traffic driven by links within the Youtube platform

It's a welcome analysis of a platform that could be said to have grown but not yet evolved and his post is worth reading in full.

The Guardian recently put Sergey Brin at number in its Media 100 as “past year has seen Google morph from being a search portal into a content and hardware company.”


Brilliant Noise

Six brilliant things social businesses and brands do


Image: an excerpt from Strories, Numbers & Conversations. 

So, this week my company, Brilliant Noise, published its first paper: Stories, Numbers & Conversations: Nokia’s principles for social media.

It may sound strange to say about a strategy paper, but it was a labour of love, and Endless Studios did a great job on making it look beautiful too.

During our work with Nokia, we had the opportunity to revisit some of our favourite case studies of businesses that were using social media, as well as taking a look at some new ones.

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Book review: Culture Shock, by Will McInnnes



Disclaimer: I know Will. We work in the same town, in the same line of business and have evolved our approaches in parallel, you might say. We’re different in our views – but it is fair to say we share many values and models for understanding the world.

That said, he wouldn’t want me to be anything but honest…

So, who should read Culture Shock?