Nerf gun as story engine: Mary Hamilton – Notes from The Story – Part 3

201102220628.jpg Continuing with notes on the The Story 2011 talks, I’m going to try and restrain myself to Cory Doctorow-cited five sentences. More or less, and these two don’t count… Popular champion of the talks was Mary Hamilton‘s talk about her Zombie LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game) and how the constraints and simplicity (compared with more complex, traditional LARPs) made the whole game a kind of story factory. Particularly pleasing was her use of Nerf guns on the audience (“As soon as you pick up a (Nerf) gun you become a protagonist”) throughout the talk and her charming stick-man slides (see below for the whole slide deck).The nub of her approach to story was this: “we create edge conditions so people can make their own stories.” She also described how they had formalised or made space for story telling after games (“frothing” as LARP participants call it).

201102220633.jpg I’m a great big scaredy cat when it comes to horror films, but I’d love to have a go – take a look at for yourself… Full notes on Mary’s talk are on her blog.Zombie LARP – a story machine

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  1. Thanks for the write-up – and glad you enjoyed the talk. One note – it’s that we run (we were too slow to nab the .com domain and too lazy to come up with a better name).

  2. Oops – thanks, Mary – have changed the links…

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