Twitter selling that doesn’t feel like spam

The other day I dropped my iPhone 4 on a concrete floor. The glass shattered. My heart sank.

The phone was still working, and a kind soul lent me their hard case, so I then used it to share my gadget woes with the world on Twitter.

Moments later, this popped up.


My instant reaction was: spam! But then I read it and felt better about it and about my general situation. This was all fixable for £45.

Before I had even begun to think through what I would do next (I had vague words like “insurance” and “warranty” floating about my head, but nothing as substantial as a next-action) the whole solution was in place, and at a reasonable price.

Did I use them in the end? No. One of the many shops advertising “mobile unlocking” and related services in Brighton fixed it for me in a couple of hours for £30, meaning I didn’t need to send my phone away.

Still, a smart use of Twitter, I thought…

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  1. Where’d you get in done Ant, I did the same!

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