Slides from my #digitalsurrey talk last night: Me & My Web Shadow: slide-show edition

Last night I gave a talk to the brilliant Digital Surrey group about Me and My Web Shadow, the slides from which are (practising what I preach) now available on SlideShare.

Kerry from Dell has kindly shared her notes on her Posterous if you want to read a bit about what was said…

It was a really wonderful evening, as there was a lot of debate and interesting questions and I was sorry when ?I had to leave the post-event pub meet-up to get bck to Brighton. If you live in the Surrey area you should?definitely?consider getting along to one of future Digital Surrey events.

Thanks especially to The Blue Door PR, who organised the event, helped me sell a lot of books (thanks to everyone who bought one too) and are a formidable team of organisers/make-things-happeners…

: : Bonus link:?James Firth has written a useful (and very kind)?account of last night’s talk and builds on some of the themes with his own perspectives and experiences…

: : New link: Paul Marden has shared his thoughts on talk and sharing at his Orcare blog.

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6 responses to “Slides from my #digitalsurrey talk last night: Me & My Web Shadow: slide-show edition”

  1. Hi, I loved your talk last night. Great mixture of useful info, thoughtful reflection and a small healthy appreciation of the hype and associated absurdities :-)
    I gave a talk myself on a similar subject recently (although I’m sure it was far less entertaining!)and someone came up to me afterwards with the following feedback – ‘Those of us in the know (he said) we don’t use social networks. And we don’t encourage students to use them either. If we did, and something untoward happened to one of them, the university could be sued.’

    Just wondered please how you would have responded to this individual, had he been there last night?!

  2. Thanks, Lisa – really glad you enjoyed the talk.

    With regards to the individual you met, I might have been tempted to press him on what he considered himself to be “in the know” about, since he sounds like he was either being willfully ignorant, or was just sadly misguided.

    It’s such a ridiculous statement, on so many levels, I think the most charitable way to hear it would be as a cry for help. Here is someone who really needs an important part of the modern world, and the coming age for that matter, to be explained to them.

    As someone with the opportunity to educate and influence their students, they need to make an enemy of ignorance, especially their own. Hiding one’s bafflement or fears behind that very limp excuse of possible litigation (never heard of a precedent for a university being sued after one of its staff recommend using a social network) is inexcusable for anyone who considers themselves intellectually relevant.

  3. Antony, good to meet you the other night. Have put a little something on the blog

  4. Thanks a lot – really glad you enjoyed the talk!

  5. Antony

    A bit of a delayed reaction (maybe it’s my age) but I wanted to contact you just to say, as I did when I grabbed you on the way out, that your talk at the recent Digital Surrey meet was without doubt the best I have heard in a number of years.

    Well worth the fight out of London.

    I have heard hundreds and none of them displayed the knowledge, thought and undrstanding of yours. Mix that with an engaging and humourous delivery makes a powerful combination.

  6. Antony Mayfield Avatar
    Antony Mayfield

    @Alan – thanks very much for your feedback: very kind of you… Really glad you enjoyed the talk.

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