Blocking websites: your company vs. the great internet censors of the world

Herdict is “a real-time tool for mapping web filtering activities around the world”, that is to say it shows where the web is being censored.

One blogger used its data a few days ago to create a map of where YouTube was being blocked in China.

Herdict China
It works by people taking part in testing out websites via the verdict Partcipate section. So I suppose it may only be effective where authorities then don’t block this site?
Herdict Partcipate

Maybe a bit glibly I wonder if it will show up all the big organisations in the “free world” where access to parts of the web, especially the social web, is blocked by over-zealous IT departments…

I suppose if you wanted to make a point about restrictions you could present the data to your CMO showing that the web use policy is more restrictive than a smattering of dictatorships.

Via Yvette Wohn on The Future of the Internet blog.

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