Free eBook recommendation: The Future of Reputation

Following some lobbying from Danah Boyd we have free online version of Daniel J Solove‘s The Future of Reputation which takes some difficult questions head on (How will our attitudes to privacy change in the next few years? Will we be able to change the law in useful ways? How do we deal with mob rule / vigilantism in attacks on online reputation?


It starts with the chilling tale of “Dog Poop Girl” a lady in Korea whose dog defecated on a tube train and who was hounded (sorry) by an online campaign of shame and ridicule that spread round the world and forced her to drop out of University.


It reminds me of so many small tales of online retribution and how “famous on the internet” isn’t always a good thing.

Worth downloading and reading for sure: we’ve yet to really think through alot of the implications of the social media revolution and this book’s a really good place to start.

Obviously it has a lot to say that people in brand marketing and media should take on board.

And if you’re seriously interested it may well be worth buying a copy – it’s available on UK Amazon.

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