How to behave online in 3 minute and 30 seconds – social media marketing without nuisance value?

This video from “Because We Care” is a crash course in “How To Behave in Internet Forums“.

It pulls off that brilliant trick of being light-hearted and actually informative – I’d be happy to point someone here if they wanted to learn the basics.

Covers trolls, arguments, fanboys, teenager txtspeek, gaining respect, obeying the rules, SHOUTING, lurking before posting, keeping on topic, picture etiquette, general manners, and having thick skin.

How To Behave On An Internet Forum
….and the second part of this post is about the fact this video is marketing, and I almost didn’t notice it was.
That’s maybe a good thing though, right. There was an ad attached to it and the “Because We Care Group” turn out to be a front for Diesel a brand which – when I wore it in the 90s was incredibly cool and since now that I’m middle-aged with kids and not wearing it probably still is…
The link from the video goes to – which is less useful when you get there, but hey I’m not the target demographic, right?
I like this work. I think it’s creating stiff that people find useful (because its entertaining or informative).
But if you don’t notice that it is connected to the brand then what’s the point?, I hear trad brand marketers cry.
Fair question. Well success in networks is all about being useful. A straight BUY message just isn’t. Nor is a zesty creative going to stand up and earn its keep on its own – not in Videojug.
This Diesel content will hang around for a while. It gets tens of thousands of views in communities like Videojug, and gets links from the most popular blog on the web BoingBoing. For a lot, lot less money than some “viral” hits but with a whole lot more soul it gets to stake a place in the networks.

By Antony Mayfield

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