GoogleReader – the jury’s out. And having a whinge while it’s there.

Google’s new RSS reader has launched to a reserved initial reaction, reports Jack Schofield on the Guardian blog. Have a look at the Inside Google blog’s conversation here.

I’ve run it for the last day or so in parallel with Bloglines and I have to say it’s not as good as I wanted it to be. And I wanted it to be pretty amazing.

Frist impression was good – it looks slick and I liked the quick scrolling through items, and I was able to import my BlogLines blogroll (list of blogs I subscribe to) without any problems.

But I got confused trying to add in new feeds, which was irritating. I may have missed something, but it adds to my sense that the thing is beautiful to look at but not as intuitive to use as it should be. I’ll be sticking with BlogLines for the moment.

Still it’s a Beta (trial) programme, so they may improve these things.

Antony Mayfield
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