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Of all the irksome phrases I remember doing the rounds during the Internet boom of the late 90s, "we’re moving at the speed of Internet" comes second only to "the revenue model will come later" in my book.

But things really are moving much quicker now, as this article (found via Idea Flow) in Technology Review, entitled, shivreringly, The Tech Boom 2.0 explains. Because of open source software and very cheap hardware it’s just easier to get going.

It features one serial tech entrepreneur Greg Kostello who, just two days into planning reckons his new firm will launch about 30 days from now, saying: "We spent millions developing systems at that are readily available today for free."

It doesn’t just apply to tech start ups. With just some basic tech savvy-ness service / knowledge-worker type businesses can also benefit from open source software, cheap PCs and low cost communications.

I also think that connected media, Web 2.0, whatever you want to call it, is fuelling entrepreneurship and business innovation just as much as cheap technology. Ideas are also more abundant, inspiration is there for any who look hard enough, and its easier to have conversations with customers and other interested players.

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  1. I agree, Web 2.0 (or whatever you want call it!) is less about technology and more about people talking – leaving the techy guys fuming! ;-)

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