Meeker’s Internet Trends: “Re-imagining nearly everything”


The annual presentation of internet trends by long-time influential technology analyst and commentator Mary Meeker has become a kind of a “state of the web nation”, and her latest was given this week at the D10 conference.

Many people, myself includes, take her dense slide decks of stats and insights as a chance to reflect and take stock on how the web is changing.

Today was the second time Mary had given this presentation as part of legendary VCs Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers (KPCB). The format changed a little from her days at Morgan Stanley, with more focus on a insights and discussion of what the stats and apparent trends might mean.

In the post below, I’ve filleted the presentation slides and highlighted some strong insights that caught our attention in the Brilliant Noise office (the slides can be seen in full on Scribd or at the foot of this post).

Never rest on your assumptions


According to this heat map of geo-tagged Tweets around the world, Indonesia is where most of the Tweets in the world are coming from today, at 10.00 GMT.

Of course the US hasn’t woken up yet, but still… I had no idea it was so popular in that country.

The other statistic here that piques my interest is that there have been Tweets from 202 countries already today. That’s more than the number of countries in the United Nations.

It’s a reminder to me that you should not rest on assumptions or think because you understood a network a few weeks or months ago you understand it now.

Obliged to Kathryn Corrick for the link…