Brilliant Noise in The Observer

On Sunday Brilliant Noise was featured in a lovely article in The Observer about Brighton’s leading tech start-ups. It was great to be featured, especially alongside friends like Storystream, Brandwatch, Project Fuse, 3DIFY, Crunch and Brilliant Noise non-exec, Arjo Ghosh (fittingly pictured seated above the throng, like a kind of start-up deity).  


Like Alan Patrick of Broadstuff, I’m a fan of Techmeme, the technology news aggregator that tells you at a glance what the hot tech/web industry stories are.  In a post about its slow-but-steady growth, Alan talks about get-rich-quick start ups which go for growth at almost any cost and compares them with those – like…… Continue reading Build-to-run

Advice for web start-ups

Partly for a project I’m working on and partly to have another try at using the lovely Storify curation platform, I’ve pulled together this collection of my favourite links and resources about web start-ups. Let me know what you think – and if there’s anything that should be added… Image: Facebook’s old office in Palo…… Continue reading Advice for web start-ups