An inbox for the mind

This post comprises notes on a work in progress – a drive to reduce tech-based distractions and learn how to use personal technology help me get things done more effectively and with less distraction and stress. There is only one red dot on my smartphone now. It is to remind me to do things with…… Continue reading An inbox for the mind

First impressions of the Nokia Lumia 920

Last week I got a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 and I thought I would share the experience so far here. For the sake of context and transparency and context, my company, Brilliant Noise, is working with Nokia on marketing around the Lumia and business. That said, this is my personal blog and these are…… Continue reading First impressions of the Nokia Lumia 920

Smartphones become pocket labs

  That universal device that is the smartphone continues to surprise us with new ways its sensors, processing power and connectedness can be deployed. A new accessory for the data hungry, (paranoid) health conscious consumer is the Lapka, which Springwise calls: an aesthetically pleasing and scientifically accurate personal environment monitor, consisting of white plastic sensors…… Continue reading Smartphones become pocket labs