Two unusual portraits of my family

This week I got two very unusual family portraits – one expected, one a delightful surprise. One very digital-age, the other a kind of analogue throwback. Portrait #1: Lomokev street-style The first was by the brilliant Brighton photographer Kevin Meredith (a.k.a. Lomokev), of whom I’m a big admirer. I own one of his prints and when…… Continue reading Two unusual portraits of my family

Getting an Autographer

We’ve ordered an Autographer for the Brilliant Noise office. I’m really looking forward to trying it out. Three main things I’m interested in… A new kind of camera: It will be great to experiment with the Autographer in situations where taking photos is difficult. I think especially of running – there are so many interesting…… Continue reading Getting an Autographer

My best photos of 2012

Having wound down enough to look back on 2012, it has been an amazing year in all sorts of ways. So here are 50 of my favourite photographs I’ve taken this year. I’ve chosen my favourite shots rather than going for reportage, but it includes weddings, births, national spectacles and Brightonian pagentry… In terms of my…… Continue reading My best photos of 2012

Mallorcan mountain

I promise this isn’t going to become a photo blog, but I am really pleased with this shot. Taken the other week in Pollensa, Mallorca, when some clouds rolling over the mountains. There’s some more here if you like that one…

Geeks you can see from space (well, Google Maps)

Maybe I should reserve judgement until the project is concluded, but I think that Moblog impresario Alfie Dennen may have surpassed himself with the Britglyph project. The plan seems to be use a combination of GPS and digital photography to map out a geoglyph, a large drawing on the ground, using geeks around the UK to make up the…… Continue reading Geeks you can see from space (well, Google Maps)