Algorithm’s eye view

Crazy looking “street view” video made of satellite images, by charlie Behrens here….    Algorithmic Architecture from Charlie Behrens on Vimeo. Buildings and cities are being changed by algorithms, is its jumping off point. This short film is intended to encourage a creative audience to seek out Kevin Slavin’s talk Those Algorithms Which Govern Our…… Continue reading Algorithm’s eye view

Facebook planet

This image has been on my computer desktop and on my mind since I saw it in December. High time I shared it here, really. It’s a data visualisation of 10 million pairs of friends on Facebook and where they live in relationship to one another, created by an intern on Facebook’s data infrastructure engineering…… Continue reading Facebook planet

Geeks you can see from space (well, Google Maps)

Maybe I should reserve judgement until the project is concluded, but I think that Moblog impresario Alfie Dennen may have surpassed himself with the Britglyph project. The plan seems to be use a combination of GPS and digital photography to map out a geoglyph, a large drawing on the ground, using geeks around the UK to make up the…… Continue reading Geeks you can see from space (well, Google Maps)