Threshold concepts

“Threshold concepts” is a term from higher education theory, meaning an idea or a piece of knowledge which, once understood, is transformative – it changes how you look at a subject, what you think is possible. My friend Jim Byford introduced me to the idea of threshold concepts and I’ve been using it ever since…… Continue reading Threshold concepts

Experts, framing and starting with the end in mind

One thing I have learned from listening to and spending time with experts is that a lot of expertise is not articulated explicitly. Their mental models, short-cuts (heuristics as Kahenman describes them) can be buried deep in their behaviours. They don’t necessarily talk about them or even realise they are happening. They are second nature,…… Continue reading Experts, framing and starting with the end in mind

Learning to learn, thinking about thinking

Image: my niece, Boudicca, being amazing, as babies are wont to do… How our brains work is something that I’m reading and thinking about a lot this week, connecting neuroscience with how we work and manage our everyday lives.* A happy moment of serendipity this morning, as I happened to hear The Life Scientific on…… Continue reading Learning to learn, thinking about thinking

Web shadows: Twitter learning tasks

The most post popular posts relating to Me and My Web Shadow has long been “Some Beginner’s Guides to Twitter”. This post from Beth Kanter is nice addition to those introductory guides, sharing some exercises from a Colorado non-profit’s team Twitter learning sessions. Read the full post at Me and My Web Shadow…