Massively un-orchestrated

The last seven days have been a proud period for Twitter in the UK. First up, the power of networks blew apart an arguably unconstitutional and malignant “super-injunction” that prevented a newspaper reporting on Parliament. Next, a community of interest formed around a grim, homophobic column in the Daily Mail about a pop star who…… Continue reading Massively un-orchestrated

API and they know it: Guardian distributes *everything* online

* Updated * I’ve also written about Best Buy setting its catalogue content free at the iCrossing Connect blog… Jeff Jarvis has an excellent post headed APIs: The New Distribution about The Guardian’s decision to distribute everything online. If you’re even slightly non-technical you may not know what an API is. Basically it’s a way…… Continue reading API and they know it: Guardian distributes *everything* online

Useful advertising: Atheist bus ads

You’ll doubtless have heard the story of the journalist and comedian, Ariane Sherine, who was irritated by a Christian ad campaign on buses declaring that non-believers¬† “will be condemned to everlasting separation from God and then you spend all eternity in torment in hell ‚Ķ Jesus spoke about this as a lake of fire prepared…… Continue reading Useful advertising: Atheist bus ads