Pencils for notes, keyboards for ideas

TL;DR: “Type as quickly as you can and always carry a pencil.” — Clive Thompson. When the late Iain Banks talked about the inevitable “where do you get your ideas?” question that authors are dogged by, he said, “we have exactly the same amount of ideas as everybody else – authors are just better at…… Continue reading Pencils for notes, keyboards for ideas

An inbox for the mind

This post comprises notes on a work in progress – a drive to reduce tech-based distractions and learn how to use personal technology help me get things done more effectively and with less distraction and stress. There is only one red dot on my smartphone now. It is to remind me to do things with…… Continue reading An inbox for the mind

Turning down the distraction on our devices

Apps. When did they get so needy? Like newly hatched chicks they chirrup and gawp, those little red dots having a similar cognitive effect on us to a chick’s open beak does for its parents – except we cough up some some attention instead of food. When we get a new phone (or a new…… Continue reading Turning down the distraction on our devices

Tools and distraction

Despite having at least four other devices with Kindle apps on them at any given moment at home or work, my reading weapon of choice is the Kindle Paperwhite. I rip through books on it, lose myself in them fast and deeply. Two reasons: first, there is less pull from the web and apps; second,…… Continue reading Tools and distraction