Work is the signal

I like this Tweet: “Work Is the Signal, Email Is the Noise”–@Wired — Erick Schonfeld (@erickschonfeld) January 22, 2014 Reminds me of Caroline Webb’s saying that “email is procrastination in disguise”. Sure, email is a vital tool. Yes, it is a powerful communication platform and sometime the  most  important thing to do is send an email.…… Continue reading Work is the signal

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Just do. The couple I’ve read so far have been really good. A sample from today’s, kicking around things like “Just Good Enough” and digital-as-other… Siloed organisations, where digital is “over there”, aren’t going to succeed. At the very least, they’re only going to unlock a fraction of the opportunity that’s available to them. At…… Continue reading Subscribe to Dan Hon’s email rants

Privacy sells?

This advertising billboard in Clerkenwell stopped me in my tracks (and by tracks I mean the sedate progress of my Boris Bike) on Monday. BlackBerry’s encryption of emails is good enough that it upsets those of an authoritarian, prying-into-your-citizens’-communications-persuasion and now they are making a selling point of it. Privacy gets in the way of…… Continue reading Privacy sells?