Old rules no longer apply

Kraft Heinz became the deal where Warrent Buffet’s old rules for investment came unstuck. The FT reported on Monday this week: Kraft Heinz shares dived nearly 30 per cent on Friday after it took a $15bn writedown, cut its dividend payout and disclosed it was the subject of a probe by the Securities and Exchange…… Continue reading Old rules no longer apply

Excellent podcast on innovation

Disruption is a word worn thin by overuse. “Verbal inflation”, Michael Raynor (a long-time collaborator of Clayton Christensen) calls the effect in this Andreessen Horowitz podcast where he talks about his work on disruption theory and how to apply it to planning and prediction (also covered in his book The Innovator’s Manifesto). Podcast: a16z: Holy Non Sequiturs, Batman:…… Continue reading Excellent podcast on innovation

Digital transformation is universal

Following on from the quote about digital transformation from Russell Davies, here’s the Economist’s economics editor in his newspaper’s The World in 2015 supplement: Virtually every firm in every industry is being shaken up by the digital revolution. No chief executive can ignore the onslaught of mobile computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the like.…… Continue reading Digital transformation is universal

Networks Thinking: Adapting for Complexity

Networks Thinking: Adapting for Complexity – Antony Mayfield View more presentations from Antony Mayfield. These are the notes, slides and suggested further reading for the lecture I’m giving today at Warwick Business School as part of its Complexity, Management & Network Thinking business module entitled Networks Thinking: Adapting for Complexity. Introduction Networks became a focus…… Continue reading Networks Thinking: Adapting for Complexity

Communities of purpose

I like David Cushman’s take on the way that the web disrupts everything it touches. My main focus has been in thinking about the shift from channels to networks in media. Reading David reminds me that it is everything that looks like a chain, especially value chains, that are things that networks will rip apart.…… Continue reading Communities of purpose