Threshold concepts

“Threshold concepts” is a term from higher education theory, meaning an idea or a piece of knowledge which, once understood, is transformative – it changes how you look at a subject, what you think is possible. My friend Jim Byford introduced me to the idea of threshold concepts and I’ve been using it ever since…… Continue reading Threshold concepts

Outliner thinking

In this MIT Technology Review article about different writing and blog authoring tools – As We May Type –  Paul Ford describes a tribe I wasn’t aware existed, but once described I knew immediately I was a part of – “outliner people”. Outliners were one of the first writing tools available on computers and they continue to…… Continue reading Outliner thinking

Turning down the distraction on our devices

Apps. When did they get so needy? Like newly hatched chicks they chirrup and gawp, those little red dots having a similar cognitive effect on us to a chick’s open beak does for its parents – except we cough up some some attention instead of food. When we get a new phone (or a new…… Continue reading Turning down the distraction on our devices

How Howard does it: attention master at work

This is a great video in which Howard Rheingold (using Screenr, an interesting Twitter screencasting tool) explains his process, his workflow, for gathering information and putting it to work (or turning information into knowledge as he says). The simple five-minute walkthrough is very useful to me personally, as I am thinking about both how I…… Continue reading How Howard does it: attention master at work