Short blog post tips from @adders

Adam's response to my response as it were, has two super-practical principles for getting short blog posts written:

  1. Connect the thought “that's interesting” with the action of writing the blog post as closely as you can. Don't leave tabs mouldering in your browser, don't leave draft posts in your drafts folder. Get it done, and get out.
  2. Be very clear what the point you want to make is, make it and quit. Over a while, the various pots will built into a narrative of the issue you're exploring – and you can bring that narrative to a peak, if not a climax, by writing that longer post. But save that until the point where the creative damn is going to burst, by letting some pressure out over time with those short posts.


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Image: The Rosetta Stone replica at the British Museum

The good news is… I’m blogging more. This is, I appreciate, mostly good news for me – as I’ve often noted, blogging works really well as a way of thinking and exploring ideas for me.

However, slightly confusingly, I am blogging a fair bit over at my digital strategy and earned media agency, Brilliant Noise.

I’ve not quite worked out which blog posts go where. Part of me thinks the more contentious ones should live here, but then I went and published a state-of-my-brain rant over at Brilliant Noise, and maybe that’s no bad thing.

This blog remains my public notebook, but I will post links to new posts here, but not re-posts as I’m reliably told this is frowned on by the Google.

Anyway, if you’re interested, here are my two most recent efforts:

  • Earned Media Marketers Unite! – In which I talk about earned media and the need for leadership and integration rather than competition between PR/SEO/social/content/UX.
  • Language, insight and luxury – Taking a look at some ideas from networks-focused research firm scenarioDNA about luxury brands and the need for brand taxonomies to use more appropriate and effective language in communications.

This blog


One slightly unexpected but pleasant surprise for me in the launch of the new Brilliant Noise was how energising I found it to have the new website and its blog go live.

Developed with craft and care by Endless and Brighton’s patron-saint-of-Wordpress David Lockie, the site looks and feels right. But it’s what’s to come that I found excited – I realised that I had a real imperative to start blogging more often, as part of helping it come to life.