Social commerce only works when it goes native

Fred Wilson shares a powerful insight about social media and e-commerce – or social commerce, as its often known: When users start in a social system that is divorced from the e-commerce platform, I believe the conversion rates are significantly lower, often by an order of magnitude or more. This, to me, suggests that the…… Continue reading Social commerce only works when it goes native

Lazy narratives and how to be wrong

Apple-bashing is a game a lot of people these days. John Gruber at Daring Fireball is challenging the emerging narrative of the company’s inevitable decline after the death of Steve Jobs.  Apple was far from perfect under Steve Jobs. But in hindsight, critics and skeptics of the company now see fit to deem his reign…… Continue reading Lazy narratives and how to be wrong

Hoax-busting: Self-correcting Twitter streams

Is crap-detection, as Howard Rheingold calls it, something Twitter’s crowd is increasing doing for itself?  Mike Orcutt, writing on MIT Technology Review thinks it may be: Around 9 PM Eastern last night, my Twitter feed lit up with messages from respected journalists and bloggers declaring that NBC News had projected Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren the winner…… Continue reading Hoax-busting: Self-correcting Twitter streams

The social screen

Image: just an act of florid self-expression… Musing on Instagram, Adrian Chan has a great insight about the nature of “the social screen”: The image, as an act of expression, inherits from the medium. The social screen has three modes: mirror, surface, and window. In its mirror mode, we see our image. In its surface…… Continue reading The social screen

Team GB Cycling and the magic of marginal gains

Over the summer I developed a bit of an obsession with Team GB Cycling, like a lot of people. How did they become so successful? So successful that the game for a lot of the other athletes became how to stop Team GB winning, the spiteful whelps… Dave Brailsford cuts an interesting figure as a…… Continue reading Team GB Cycling and the magic of marginal gains

Myth-busting brand communications

McDonald’s Canada is being transparent. That is to say it is going out and answering even seemingly awkward questions as directly as it can.  The results are disarming, even charming at times. Whether it is explaining how French Fries are made or how photos of Big Macs in ads differ from the actual product.  According…… Continue reading Myth-busting brand communications

Reckitt’s strategic approach to Facebook marketing

Reckitt Benckheiser is taking social media seriously enough to start joint business planning with Facebook, according to AdAge: Reckitt Benckiser, like other packaged-goods players, has long done business planning with major retailers such as Walmart and Target, where it maps out long-term promotional products and marketing programs. Now, RB is applying the concept to Facebook.…… Continue reading Reckitt’s strategic approach to Facebook marketing

Distant reading and listening

Data, we have no shortage of in digital communications – meaning can be harder come by much of the time. In listening to online conversations, very often sentiment analysis is the stand-in for meaning, even though it is flawed and hard to verify without human intervention.  Reading about Stanford Literary Lab’s distant reading method today…… Continue reading Distant reading and listening

New ad models for indie content?

After a comprehensive analysis of the state of display advertising (worth a read in itself), John Battelle is agitiating for a new advertising model for individual bits of content can be monetised, which… …attaches value to an individual piece of content, such that the piece of content is monetized as it travels around the web, getting…… Continue reading New ad models for indie content?