Scott Galloway on the break up of big tech – notes and video from DLD18

I’ve been mostly travelling since the DLD conference, so just catching up on my notes and reflections now. Scott Galloway was one of the people I was really keen to see speak in Munich. His recent book The Four was one of my best reads of 2017 – I bought several copies for our office…… Continue reading Scott Galloway on the break up of big tech – notes and video from DLD18

Endless and taste. Strategy and design.

Image: from Endless Studios’ case study. Last week I went to Christmas drinks with Brilliant Noise’s design partners, Endless Studios, in their new Brighton offices. When I go somewhere like Endless, I realise my own taste is largely of the know-it-when-I-see-it variety, and that the creation of beautiful things – from spaces to typefaces to whole brand…… Continue reading Endless and taste. Strategy and design.

Samsung’s massive ad spend

This year Samsung spent a lot on advertising. US$14 billion. To give you some perspective, Coca-Cola spent about US$2.5 billion in 2012, across all of its brands, globally. Want some more perspective? US$14 billion is more than Iceland’s GDP and more than Google paid for Motorola, according to an article from Reuters, which goes on…… Continue reading Samsung’s massive ad spend

Lazy narratives and how to be wrong

Apple-bashing is a game a lot of people these days. John Gruber at Daring Fireball is challenging the emerging narrative of the company’s inevitable decline after the death of Steve Jobs.  Apple was far from perfect under Steve Jobs. But in hindsight, critics and skeptics of the company now see fit to deem his reign…… Continue reading Lazy narratives and how to be wrong

iPad first impressions

Like most of the world, it seemed, I was perfectly prepared to offer an opinion on the iPad without having ever seen one. Like most of the pre-launch “analysis” I’m not sure I added much of value to the discussion around it, other than to caution that we will have to wait and see what…… Continue reading iPad first impressions