R/GA’s disruptive trends

Most predictions and trends articles are glib headline-grabbers that cue clueless nodding, but no real grasp of what they mean (variations of “digital is over” or “Snapchat is the new Facebook”) or shallow and obvious (“wearables will be big” or “mobile is getting bigger”) – but Bob Greenberg of R/GA gets down to disruptive trends and what…… Continue reading R/GA’s disruptive trends

Twitter… witter… itter… tter… er.

Image: Beware the Echo… (Credit: Zorilla) Tom’s an echo-chamber refusenik, which is one of several good reasons I make a point of reading everything he posts on his blog Usable Interfaces. He’s a guard against lazy thinking, re-Tweeted half-thoughts and emergent untested aphorisms. Take his latest broadside – “Just because you can” – against Twitter…… Continue reading Twitter… witter… itter… tter… er.