Data exhaust trails

Another useful insight from Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think:   A term of art has emerged to describe the digital trail that people leave in their wake: “data exhaust”. it refers to data that is shed as a byproduct of people’s actions and movements in the world.…… Continue reading Data exhaust trails

Hoax-busting: Self-correcting Twitter streams

Is crap-detection, as Howard Rheingold calls it, something Twitter’s crowd is increasing doing for itself?  Mike Orcutt, writing on MIT Technology Review thinks it may be: Around 9 PM Eastern last night, my Twitter feed lit up with messages from respected journalists and bloggers declaring that NBC News had projected Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren the winner…… Continue reading Hoax-busting: Self-correcting Twitter streams

Web shadows: Twitter learning tasks

The most post popular posts relating to Me and My Web Shadow has long been “Some Beginner’s Guides to Twitter”. This post from Beth Kanter is nice addition to those introductory guides, sharing some exercises from a Colorado non-profit’s team Twitter learning sessions. Read the full post at Me and My Web Shadow…