Low friction brands

We used to wonder about the future of advertising in brand marketing – now we are wondering about the future of brands themselves.In his book about the tech giants of the 20-teens, The Four, Scott Galloway casts Google and Amazon as threatening the very existence of traditional consumer brands:The insights into consumer behavior Google gleans…… Continue reading Low friction brands

Brand marketing: From media to capability 

The facades of empires always look most impressive just before they fall. The same goes for industrial giants and even whole industries. The Roman Empire didn’t disappear. Neither did the British. But the centre of power in the world shifted, first chaotically, confusingly and then all of a sudden when the fog of revolution cleared.…… Continue reading Brand marketing: From media to capability 

Poor old advertising

  Image: Are brands are looking tatty? The Economist asks us to “spare a thought for the poor admen”, whose industry is suffering “a difficult time”: Not only are they confronting a proliferation of new “channels” through which to pump their messages; they are also having to puzzle out how to craft them in an age…… Continue reading Poor old advertising